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TIRELESS: Prepare For The Adrenaline

Take part in the most Hardcore and Punishing 3D Platformer. Are You Ready To Go Insane, Break Keyboards and Rage Quit? Put Your real skills to the test, with TIRELESS.


WARNING: This is a rage inducing game! The game is hard to master and it takes some time to properly learn how to play.

TIRELESS is a Challenging Sci-fi 3D Platformer that takes place in a far away universe where player has the role of the character named Blur. Blur is a robot speedster who's goal is to become the best speedster in the galaxy. To do so, he takes up the challenge of beating the game called TIRELESS.

The game is set in a unique and stylized outer space environment. There are no complex controls, the player can simply run, jump and dash his way through each level. You will go through lots of challenging platforming, avoid many obstacles and collect lots of coins that increase your lives. There is a unique power up that plays a huge role in the game called the Adrenaline Box, collecting it gives you an insane boost of speed and increases jump height helping you go faster and get to far away areas. It is used in every level of the game.

The game requires lots of skill to finish. It takes time to master the movement and learn how to most effectively beat each level.

Note: TIRELESS is not a mindless runner game, its a challenging platformer. This means there are certain parts of the game where you go slow, collect things and jump around, and there are parts with really fast and exciting moments, it's a bit of both and it all fits in very nicely together.

Recommended System Requirements:
-Windows 10 x64 bit
-Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz
-NVIDIA GeForce 970 GTX or higher
-500 mb available storage
-1920 x 1080 Monitor Resolution
-Keyboard and Mouse

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TIRELESS Demo Win64.rar 125 MB
TIRELESS Demo Win32.rar 106 MB

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All I can say that this is an incredible game. The graphics look great, sound effects fit right in and the gameplay is suitably fluid. The tutorial at the start is really good and I guess you need it when the game really gets going. Apart from the UI in the startup, the game already works like a charm, including the frame rate.

We'd love to see this game in our annual contest, the Game Development World Championship!


This Game...How can I put it. Best rage game by far that I've played. I am absolutely horrible at it, i thought i beat the game when i pasted the tutorial... Great game sorry i couldnt do this game justice with the video. But i had a blast